Ridding of the Annual Performance Evaluations

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ridding of the Annual Performance Evaluations

            As I spend more and more time in the workplace I am quickly realizing how closely I am relating to the values of the Millenial generation.  Feedback and criticism has been one of my most important assets in my young professional career.  Rather than taking a hands off approach, my boss usually is rather hands on and involved in the work I am performing.  I do believe this has to do with me being an intern and he would like me to get things right the first time, however I find it as a useful opportunity to pick his brain and gauge his opinion on certain things. 

            I was just recently given more responsibility based upon my past performance and now I crave feedback more than ever.  For game days it is my responsibility to design the layout for many of the food stands as well as design the menus displayed at the stand. I often seek feedback to make sure I am on the right track with the vision of my boss.  I feel that this constant contact and feedback have helped give me confidence in my performance.  If I were to only hear feedback once in a great while I would have no idea if I were ever on the right track or not.

            In today’s world where efficiency is so essential it is unrealistic to think of annual performance reviews.  Appraisals need to be performed regularly to ensure productivity is at the highest possible point.  No business can afford to be heading in the wrong direction.

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